The subject ,Chemistry  was first introduced in Govt. Jagannath College in 1884 for only intermediate classes. Later, in 1975 it was extended to graduate courses. In that time, there were Day and Evening shifts in Jagannath University. M. Sc. Final course was first introduced in Evening shift and later it was also offered in the Day shift. B.Sc. (Hons.) courses was started in 1972 and 2001 respectively in Day and Evening shifts. When Jagannath College was upgraded as a full-fledged University on 18th May 2006, the Evening and Day shifts were merged to a single shift. Professor Dr. Md Shahjahan is the present Chairman of the Department of Chemistry.

           Now  Chemistry is one of the largest department of Jagannath university witnual intake of 100 unde radu te students. There are one of the largest department of Jagannath university with annual intake of 100 undergraduate students. There are 1040 students in different levels.
           The Chemistry department has a strong commitment to both teaching and research excellence.




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